We make it clear
the way to the next stage
through design strategy.

What we do

Scanner is a design firm that takes your brands to the next level. Specializing in brand building and service design, we offer a full range of services from market and customer research, experience design, communication, and visual design.

Creative research

We accompany the project from the start, beginning with research of customer needs and competitive case studies, and then provide value propositions and hypothesis driven strategy to resolve the issues.

  • Qualitative / Quantitative research

    We combine qualitative information from user interviews and workshops with quantitative information from various report and media to derive issues and hypotheses for value delivery.

  • Market research

    We analyze key elements of uniqueness and superiority through market research based on media information and business reports, and through competitive comparisons using marketing tools.

  • Value proposition

    Based on the hypotheses derived from the qualitative/quantitative research and the analysis obtained from the competitive research, we clarify the market and positioning to be targeted and the value to be provided there.

Strategic planning

We develop strategies to build strong relationships with customers from brand perspective, customer journey, and communication channel design.

  • Brand design

    Through stakeholder interviews and workshops, we will define the brand's purpose and mission, and define the brand's way of being as the foundation for all initiatives.

  • Experience design

    We design customer journeys and design the appropriate touch points based on the customer's behavior and emotions, taking a bird's eye view of the steps of brand recognition and service experience.

  • Communication design

    Depending on the characteristics of the touch points, we propose measures and achievement indicators to maximize communication from real places to social media.

Visual design

We provide visual design services to help you realize your strategy from brand identity and brand tools to websites and service interfaces.

  • Brand identity

    From wordmark and symbol development to guidelines for operation. We design identities to express your brand statement and gain customer recognition.

  • Graphic design

    We provide visual expressions that create empathy with customers from advertising graphics, corporate stationeries, product packaging, and even art direction for photography and video.

  • Interface design

    Branded media, digital services, and various applications. We design interfaces that achieve both usability and conversion.